Patagonia - Down Sweater Hoody - Daunenjacke

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Attribute & Features
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100% Polyester (recycelt, Ripstop); DWR-Imprägnierung
100% Polyester (recycelt, Ripstop); DWR-Imprägnierung
Gänsedaunen (800cuin Bauschkraft), enthält nichttextile Teile tierischen Ursprungs
Durchgehender Front-RV mit internem Windfang
2 RV-Einschubtaschen; 1 RV-Innentasche mit Karabinerschlaufe
Ja (isoliert)
428 g (bei mittlerer Größe)
Elastische Armbündchen; verstellbarer Saum; Kinnschutz
Perfekte Wärme für alle eisigen Einsätze: die Down Sweater Hoody von Patagonia! Die Daunenjacke ist mit einer hochwertigen Isolation aus europäischen Gänsedaunen ausgestattet - diese speichern jede Menge warme Luft, und somit auch jede Menge Körperwärme. Die abgesteppten Kammern sorgen dabei dafür, dass die Daunen nicht verrutschen. So ist der gesamte Oberkörper immer gleichmäßig und zuverlässig vor Auskühlung geschützt. Niedrige Temperaturen können einem so schon nichts mehr anhaben, aber auch widrigen Bedingungen kann man mit der Down Sweater Hoody lässig die Stirn bieten: dank einer dauerhaften DWR-Imprägnierung perlen Nässe und Schmutz ganz einfach am Obermaterial ab.
Die beiden Handwärmertaschen bieten einigen Platz für wichtigen Kleinkram oder kalte Hände. Die Innentasche kann problemlos als Packsack benutzt werden. Die sportliche Passform liegt bequem auf der Hüfte. Damit hier keine Wärme entweichen kann und die Daunenjacke immer passgenau sitzt, sind die Ärmelbündchen elastisch und der Saum regulierbar. Ob im Abenteuer oder im Alltag - die Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody bringt einen warm verpackt ans Ziel!
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Avoid this jacket

Without naming specific brands I am very familiar with these so called microlight down jackets, having owned quite a few. I have no particular brand loyalty. This particular jacket I bought from a reputable High street seller at a discounted price of £125 (down from £210).

What an absolute shocker. I will never buy PATAGONIA again.

Within one week I sussed out that having the side zip pockets open was a very bad idea. The stitching on the arm was so poor that it kept catching. The first time it pulled I put it down to bad luck so I pulled the stitch through the coat with a needle and tied it off on the inside. Imagine my frustration when exactly the very same thing happened on the other sleeve. The only way to stop the arm catching on the zip was to keep the pockets zipped shut (ahem).

These minor issues are nothing compared to the main zip. This zip fouled on the way down every single time I used it. I had to physically hold the inner flap back with my right hand to lower the zip with my right hand. That was if I remember. Try to lower the zip with one hand and your in a world of pain. The zip was so badly stitched in that on more than one occasion I had to take the jacket off over my head as I simply couldn't get the zip down.

Finally the down. 800 fill? I don't think so. This was hopeless in the arms and clumpy every where else.

In the end (just last week as it happens I took the damn thing back. Fair play to the shop though, they completely agreed with my gripes and issued an immediate refund. I am now on the look out for another hooded micro down coat.

This is such a shame as I really like the look, cut and fit of the jacket but with so many negatives on a supposed premium brand it can only be assessed as below par

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Felix | Jena
30.01.2016 17:41

Since your experiences are so far off from my own with Patagonia products in general, I just like to know if you see any chance that this jacket hasn't been an original one?

01.02.2016 20:22

Hi Felix

No. Happy it was a genuine product.

I bought the jacket from Blacks. A very reputable outdoor shop in the UK. Tend to review online but buy from a store for just that very reason. Quite genuinely disappointed as I thought the jacket looked fab.

Perhaps I just bought a bad one as you are right, reviews elsewhere are very good. That's why I bought it.

James | London
01.11.2016 12:45

I agree with Felix, I have this jacket and it is incredible. I have had non of the issues you have had.
I am a huge Patagonia fan and I try to buy their gear exclusively. I am also from the UK and as far as I know Blacks have not stocked Patagonia for an extremely long time, if ever.

01.11.2016 21:50

Hi James

I respect your right to comment on the thread but wonder what you're trying to imply with regards to Blacks and the provenance of the jacket?

I can assure you that I bought it from Blacks (High street, Leicester to be precise). I have always used Blacks as I have found their service to be exemplary, which was further reinforced by the manner in which they dealt with my issue with the jacket.

Blacks introduced Patagonia to their range in 2012 and withdrew them in 2015. Quite why this was the case one can only speculate, although it does explain why my jacket was so heavily discounted.

As I commented above, I am prepared to accept that I was just extremely unlucky with this particular jacket as (as you rightly point out) Patagonia are considered a premium brand with many loyal customers.

FYI - the Mountain Hardwear Ghost whisperer I bought to replace it (although much more expensive) is a wonderful jacket.

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Ups, Du hast Deinen Kommentar vergessen

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